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SAVE on one of our specials!

At Nail Story of Denver, CO, we're currently offering

1. $5 OFF a manicure and pedicure combination by mentioning our website at your next visit! (limited to 1st time customers only)


2. We also offer a FREE pedicure to groups of five or more (up to a $35 value). 5 people in your group must get Mani/Pedi Combination in order to get the free pedicure

(NOT EVERYONE in your group gets a free pedicure...just one person)


3. Birthday customers get free design! just let us know it's your birthday


4. Write us a Yelp Review, Receive a $10 Gift Certificate. Tell us your first name and we can check from our system.


Our specials are constantly changing. Check out our Facebook page to see what new offerings are available!

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